Thursday, September 10, 2009

Real Estate Logos, page 5

Finally, he brought in some wallpaper from an LA nightclub he wanted to use in some way, as a background. He wanted high-end hotel, nightlife, sleek, modern he said and to play with it. So I found some similar wallpapers in digital format (he had literally sent me a photograph of the interior of the nightclub) that I could work with and came up with some other items.

Real Estate Logos, page 4

Here is where I began working with a different person within the company (not the owner) and he requested a color scheme change to blues and silvers and to continue along the same vein, but with simpler font. Then he said he wanted modern, almost futuristic but still feminine, hence the background patterns.

Real Estate Logos page 3

Moving on to the burgundy and black logos, still doing text-only at this point. Some of the changes are very subtle, such as removing lines from around text boxes or slightly changing the size of the font. There is also a condensed logo, which can be useful for many things, such as just wanting to place your mark someplace small on things attributable to you and your company!

Real Estate Logos 2

The text-only logos are what we started with and then added the burgundy color. Next there was a color scheme change to blues and silvers. The third set of revisions asked for edgey, modern, sleek font (with examples provided to me), where I added the fractal patterns in the background. Finally, I was asked to replicate a nightclub/luxury resort/LA type of feel, which I endeavored to do, to their other detailed specifications, including changing the name of the company to "V Realty." More logos to follow, but now you can sort of see the transformation process!

Logo Project

It has come to my attention that the real estate company I was doing the logo for is no longer interested in my services. They felt we were not on the same page. I am including the logos I did complete for them in my portfolio. Please take a look! I did a ton of work for this company, so other images will follow, but blogger only allows 5 at a time!


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