Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Are You Meant to Do?

What are you meant to do? If you could sum up your greatest yearning, in one word, what would that word be?

I have pondered and wondered and been completely stumped by this question for a long time.  But I have finally boiled it down all my ideas and urges into one word:


Now, that word has some negative connotations, at least for me, in the vein of: Don't be a storyteller! (you know, a liar! lol).

I'm trying to re-vamp that in my head.

I tell stories when writing, when drawing, when doing anything creative.  The story I'm telling when working on my home? Cozy.  My story when I'm at the computer in my office? That one's harder.  Vision, maybe. Or even cohesive.  The story changes frequently when I'm in my office because I wear a lot of hats in there!  (yep, it's just me and a big honkin' coat-rack in there, trying to get something done!)

My visual, in trying to change my internal connotation of the word "storyteller," is that of a fireside shaman, relating the stories of her tribe.  There might be feathers in my hair.  I like feathers.  But I am magical, creating stories from words and gestures; using pictures to record memories and lessons.

Here's how I think of it: waaaaaay back in the day (which, according to Dane Cook, was a Wednesday), everyone had a job.  Hunter.  Gatherer.  Medicine Man.  Chief. Council Member.  And later: Seamstress/Tailor.  Tanner.  Blacksmith.  But there's always someone to entertain as well.  To record group memories, to help shape the culture going forward based on the lessons and stories of the ancestors. 

Shaman.  Bard. Poet. Playwright.  Painter. Sculptor. Actor.  Designer.
Nowadays, "creative" will do.  I am constantly telling stories.  Daydreaming.  Writing.  Drawing.  Coloring.  Inking.  Teaching.  Relating an anecdote.  I cannot stop from doing it--it is as natural and second-nature as breathing!  I'm surprised I don't have stories oozing from my pores!

The word "storyteller" immediately put me at ease, made me nod.  Yes, that is my word. 

I am a storyteller.

So, what are YOU meant to do? What's your word?  Tell me!


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