Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here is the very first logo I ever created! I was 19 and created it by hand. They then took it to the shirt shop they were using where it was scanned and used digitally. The director requested 2 samples to choose from.


I worked on the committee for my high school reunion several years ago. The coordinator wanted several styles, so I gave her three to chose from. She chose the top one with a few changes.

Magazine Ad

This is an ad for a magazine in Maryland. I worked within the parameters given, including a deadline, limited color selection and size requirements. This was the first one I did, because the owner was having a hard time adding the snowflake clip art she wanted included and I managed to fix it! So I had the job of doing the ads according to her specifications on other occasions as well.

Post Card

Here is a post card for the educational store for their grand opening. I am including both the front and back of the post card.

Flier Sample

Here are several fliers I did around 2001 for the educational retail store where I worked for several years. The Severna Park location is now closed, but they have opened in Annapolis Mall since then. Their link is listed under "Businesses I Support" on the right.

Business Card 2

This one I did when I couldn't afford the Mary Kay business package! the clipart is generic but I really liked the picture and I modeled the layout after other MK cards I had seen.

Business Cards 1

Here are some samples I finally scanned into my computer. I will separate them by type so that they can easily be found via the Labels to the right. They are also viewable on under Taylor Ink.

This one I did for a gift basket business I started in conjunction with my mom's craft business. I loved this card! It was so simple and clean! Unfortunately, we started it at the same time the recession started and we didn't get very far!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Artwork Posted

As you may have noticed, to the right, I uploaded some more examples of my artwork. I am also now a part of and both for freelancers. I have an extensive portfolio also visible on I am hoping to bid on some projects, expand my portfolio, attract some long-term clients and get some more experience under my belt.

I am also trying to expand my skills by trying out Photoshop, reading up on the software and researching local schools for classes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the Road to Success Trifold Board

This was a challenge outlined and issued by a national director that one of my directors wanted to use. I created a road from black construction paper, using a white crayon for the detail. I cut slits in the paper using an exact-o knife and anchored small paperclips in them at each of the monetary goals listed on the road signs. I printed cars out and put them into plastic sleeves (much less expensive than laminating and reusable!) which can be "parked" at each stop as they reach it.
There is a place at the bottom there, the 2 blocks backed by black, showing the goal for the number of consultants in the unit and the number of consultants currently in the unit, which is changeable with another sleeve and paperclip duo.

Title and contest rules.

One of the cars "on the road." Additionally, a blank spot was inserted on the car doors, where either a number can be put directly in pencil (then erased and a new number added as needed) or a smaller piece of paper can be inserted in the sleeve with the current number of "passengers" or teammates that sales consultant currently has on her team.

Prizes awarded upon completion, made up to look like billboards on the side of the road, with ribbons denoting which prize level is which.
I can do any visual and am quite good at creative solutions. For example, with these 2 boards (this plus the Lucky 7's board) Anna wanted to reuse old boards plus not spend too much more money on them. While she paid me for my time, on an hourly basis, she paid less than $6 in expenses and office supplies for BOTH boards! I was pretty proud of myself! :)

Lucky 7's-themed Trifold Board

After much work, the 2 trifold boards are complete! :) The Director in question (a Mrs. Anna Santamaria) seemed a little overwhelmed and I believe she said, "This was so much more than I was expecting!" So I was pleased!

Note the handy ribbons (left and right) that are pulled through a slit and anchored with tape on the back. No more coloring in blocks as you are moving towards a goal, here's a nicer way to do things! The larger center blocks are covered with baseball card pages, cut to fit. Now there are 3 to a strip and a picture can be inserted over the goal of the team member who has reached it. On the left are numbers for sales in $300 increments. On the right is for recruiting, one at a time.

The Lucky 7's board in its entirety.

The right side of the trifold, detailing prizes.

The left side of the trifold, where Star Tracking is graphed (handy color-matching star stickers are included in an envelope on the back of the board). Additionally, the Mary Kay titles of Queen of Sharing and Queen of Sales are denoted with playing cards, the Queen of Hearts and Diamonds, respectively, in keeping with the theme.


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