Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucky 7's-themed Trifold Board

After much work, the 2 trifold boards are complete! :) The Director in question (a Mrs. Anna Santamaria) seemed a little overwhelmed and I believe she said, "This was so much more than I was expecting!" So I was pleased!

Note the handy ribbons (left and right) that are pulled through a slit and anchored with tape on the back. No more coloring in blocks as you are moving towards a goal, here's a nicer way to do things! The larger center blocks are covered with baseball card pages, cut to fit. Now there are 3 to a strip and a picture can be inserted over the goal of the team member who has reached it. On the left are numbers for sales in $300 increments. On the right is for recruiting, one at a time.

The Lucky 7's board in its entirety.

The right side of the trifold, detailing prizes.

The left side of the trifold, where Star Tracking is graphed (handy color-matching star stickers are included in an envelope on the back of the board). Additionally, the Mary Kay titles of Queen of Sharing and Queen of Sales are denoted with playing cards, the Queen of Hearts and Diamonds, respectively, in keeping with the theme.

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