Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Portfolio Updates

I am currently on my second week in Color Theory in Print and loving every minute of it! :) My next class is Perspective, followed by Drawing and then Life Drawing. I am very impressed by the school and its curriculum as well as how organized it is!

I have added a digital color wheel on the right, but I will be adding a digital portfolio soon as well as more digital artwork samples. I have been working almost exclusively in Adobe Illustrator but I'm finding as I go that some things ARE easier in Photoshop, although I do not find it as user friendly!

Check back frequently for more updates and artwork!

I recently had to have surgery, but as I feel better and better (and only 10 weeks post-partem too!) I will become more and more active on my blogs, adding school projects as I go!
Thank you for your interest! :)

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