Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Writer's Digest Conference Re-Cap

My friend from high school, Erika Robuck, is now a published author, working on her second book.  She recently attended a conference put together by Writer's Digest, where she was able to pitch her book to agents.  She re-capped her visit for Jane Friedman (former editor for Writer's Digest and currently a contributing editor for WD and a visiting professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati) over on her blog, which is part of the Writer's Digest website, called There Are No Rules.  Here is an excerpt and you can read the rest over on the original site, how's that? lol

From the blog There Are No Rules, guest blogger Erika Robuck about the Writer's Digest Conference:

[Jane's intro:]
"The following guest post is by writer Erika Robuck, who attended the Writer's Digest Conference on Saturday and generously offered to recap the sessions she attended.

'The business of writing is the business of reading.'
—Richard Nash

These words from Richard Nash’s keynote address have been sitting in a quiet space in my writer’s heart since I heard them.

They seem so simple, but the meaning is profound. If I think about what reading is—the intimacy of the act of bringing someone else’s words, thoughts, and imaginings into my brain, often while I’m in bed; if I reflect on the weight of that as a writer and apply it to all areas of the publication process (from words on the page, to editing, to marketing, etc.)—I can transform the entire experience into something I’m eager to do, every step of the way. "

Please head on over to There Are No Rules to read the complete story!
Thanks Erika! (you know, ahead of time!)


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