Monday, March 7, 2011

Post Showcase: Will OnSwipe be the Mobile Publishing Platform... ?

Copyblogger site

I am a gadget girl.  I love trying new things, hitting the buttons, muttering "now, what does this do??" 
So when my daily copy of copyblogger appeared in my email box, I was intrigued to see this headline:
Will OnSwipe be the Mobile Publishing Platform of Choice for the New Influencers?  Of course, anything that has the word "publsihing" in it catches my eye!
Here's the idea:  all those places where you publish content, like Twitter and Facebook and that photsharing site yo use?  OnSwipe will be like a TweetDeck for your touch device!  All of those content items will be all together in a NON-app, customizable way for your content recipients. 
Very exciting and I don't (yet) own a touch anything! lol
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No release date was published.

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