Friday, February 4, 2011

Calling All Creatives!!

I wanted to do something on a regular basis here on tea & ink that would be fun and help build a community here.  And you know what I thought of? (of course you don't, cuz I'm the only one in my head....most days)

I remembered a story I read of a guy who attended comic con every year (Comic Book Convention for those who don't know!).  He always took a fresh sketch notebook, a smallish one, and asked the artists that he talked to to sketch him something.  He said he found that most were very obliging but complained about having to come up with something on their own, with a line of people waiting.  So he came up with themes!  Every year at comic con, he would go home with a sketchbook full of sketches by some of the best comic book artists in the industry, all on one theme.  I remember he said one year, he told them all, "cliff."  Some drew people jumping, falling, pulling people back up, shoving people over the edge, scaling with a rope, scanning the horizon--he had some examples there in the article.  So cool! :)

So I thought I'd do the same thing here, but not just a writing prompt:
what does my one-word prompt inspire in you?
A blog post?
A photo?
A sketch?
Maybe a poem?
Anything you'd like! :)

Now, Imma gonna make up a list of possible themes and we'll do one for each month. 
Then I'll get all set the way in which people will add them to my blog! :)
Get brainstormin' people--send me your theme suggestions! :)


  1. What a great idea! As a writer, little prompts like this always pave the way for new ideas. I'm in! :)

  2. Yay!!! Still brainstorming on how I want to do this! Linky tools? you post on yours then link on here? hmmmmm....

  3. I think Linky tools is cool. This is a great idea sounds like fun. :)

  4. I was just commenting on the 31DBB challenge thread about finding a forum, and so it's cool that you are doing themes to build community! I am a mosaic artist, and in a former life, I was a poet.


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