Monday, February 7, 2011

Creative Theming!!

I am hoping for a variety of artists and writers to tackle this!**  :) 

Over under my Labels or Categories, you'll see the themes listed by month, directing you to the original post.

Send me your entry via email and I will add it to the body of the post for the month.

I will include your name and a link to your blog or website, where I encourage you to post it as well.

Please take a copy of the Monthly Themes button {coming soon!!} on the home page of my site for your own site or blog and link it back to me.

*Why am I not using Linky tools or some other such device or software or tool
(or whatever you categorize that as??) ?*

Because I thought it would look cool to see all the creations one after another in one post. However, if I begin to get a ton of responses and it becomes too much for me, I'll add linky tools. If just kind of sucks to have to travel to a bunch of different sites to see the entries is all!

Here is a running list of the monthly themes:
February: Love
March: Birthdays
April: Cliff (as in a drop-off, an edge)

A static page with directions will be available here and at the top of my blog as a tab.

Any kind of (non-offensive) artwork will be taken.

**It is at my sole discretion to reject anything that I don't approve or that I feel doesn't well represent tea & ink. (sorry I have to say that, but I do!)
All copyright will be retained by the artist to use and re-use as often as s/he likes.
I just want permission to post it here! :)

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  1. Hi lara

    Just wanted to see how your going with the Water For Elephants book

    - Melissa


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