Sunday, July 5, 2009

Writing Sample: Gray Wolves Rebound in the U.S. NW: Feds Give Hunters a Green Light

"I have long been fascinated with wolves. Like primates, the social interaction of wolves is very close to that of humans. They have a social hierarchy, display a wide range of emotions, and display intelligence. Wolves have long been a source of debate, fear, study and wonder.
My eyes were opened to the debate about wolves when I read The Loop by Nicholas Evans.

The story drops you right into the middle of the fight, showing the lives of both ranchers and a wolf biologist, trying to coexist in Montana. I was mind-boggled with some of the attitudes illustrated by this story, including the total lack of respect or care for our Earth.

As with most debates, the core issues need to be rooted out.

The reason the government is considering raising the ban on shooting wolves is because ranchers and other humans living close to the habitat for wolves are experiencing some issues. They say that wolves are hunting their livestock and sometimes their pets. I can understand wanting to protect your home and your family pets, but then if you are not contributing to the solution, are you not part of the problem? If the wolves are getting at the livestock, is there no other solution besides shooting them? Since the ranchers are infringing on the wolves' territory, perhaps the ranchers should install privacy fences and the government could facilitate that. Or since most wolves are probably already tagged, maybe they could collar them and put a giant electric fence around Yellowstone. Maybe some could be transported to other habitats where wolves survive, such as areas of Asia or Canada? Something besides just killing them after taking the time to help them live!"

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